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Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen is perfect for those nights when you want a warm and comforting dinner. The miso broth is very simple to make and you can top with your favorite vegetables / protein.

Noodles: Use fresh or dried noodles.It’s important to cook the noodles separately as the noodles will absorb the broth flavors and will also get soggy if sits in the broth too long. (It doesn’t matter what flavor ramen you buy as you will not be using the flavor packet).

Options: -Double broth recipe or make one serving and reserve the broth to use later during the week -Cook ground meat before adding broth ingredients -Add garlic chili paste or sriracha for spice -Add soft boiled egg - instant pot - cook on low pressure for 4 minutes and release pressure when done. Place in a ice water bath. - For stove top- In a saucepan, boil enough water to cover the eggs. Reduce heat and gently place the eggs in the pan. Cook for 6 minutes and place in a ice water bath.

Serves 2 Ingredients