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Team Building

Cooking Brings Everyone Together 

 For teams looking for some friendly competition, we offer various cooking challenges.

We can also add a challenge component to a cooking class or let us know what you're looking for and we can customize for you. 

Cooking classes and challenges provide a great bonding experience for your team and business.

Wine, beer, wine pairing or craft cocktail making can be added to your event.

Cost per person varies depending on activity options, any party rentals required or special requests.


Judging will be based on creativity, presentation and taste.  Judges can be members of the participating company or event staff.


Events can be held at a residence, company, hotel, venue or we can host events at  

a Kitchen Space in Orange County. 

Chopped | Mystery Basket Competition

 Our version of the popular TV series is an ultimate culinary challenge to see who can stand the heat in the kitchen. 


Prior to your event, you will select a culinary theme for your competition (Asian, Italian, Mexican, American, etc).


Your group will be divided into teams and each team will work together to create a meal to include an entrée and 2 side dishes. They will start with a brainstorming session strategizing their menu based on items in their mystery basket and ingredients available. 


Mystery baskets include protein, seasonal vegetable and starch items and teams will have access to herbs, spices, and other pantry items.


Once the menu has been decided upon, team members will delegate tasks and work together to create a delicious meal in 90 minutes.


The competition is followed by a sit down meal featuring dishes created by the teams. 

Salsa and/or Sangria Showdown

In this fun activity, teams will be challenged with creating their own signature brand of salsa and/or sangria to market.

Each team will have a designated table with cutting boards, utensils and supplies and have access to ingredients to

create their own unique recipes.

Teams will also come up with a name, logo and a jingle to market their salsa and/or sangria.   

Approximate length: 1.5 -2  hours, depending on activity and  team size

Chili Cook - Off

 This heated competition will  get your teams working together to create the Best Chili Ever! 

Each team will have a designated table with portable stoves, supplies and have access to ingredients to create

their own unique chili recipe.

Approximate length: 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on team size

Cupcake Wars

Teams compete to make, from scratch, the best decorated and best tasting cupcake.  Each team will have a recipe to make a batch of cupcakes, create their own frosting, and decorate their own signature cupcake.

(Baked cupcakes / cakes can be provided for decorating focused competitions) 

Approximate length:  1.5 - 2 hours, depending on activity and team size

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