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Nood Beach Festival

I had the opportunity to attend FOODBEAST’s ’Noods Noods Noods’ Festival in Huntington Beach.

Up to 20 Noodle Vendors from across the Southland debuted menu items featuring traditional and unconventional takes on noodles and beyond!

Personalities and social media influencers headlined the stage to eat their way through the festival fare. One of the highlights was Shomi Noods’ 20-pound ramen bowl with professional eaters slurping noodles in front of a live audience in Foodbeast’s Challenger League Noodle Invitational.

The food festival also included live entertainment featuring Snoop Dogg performing as DJ Snoopadelic, One of my favorites was Sega Genecide featuring 90s cover band songs.

While food is the main focus at food festivals, they added value by providing well-known artists and fun interactions with food competitions. and instagrammable dishes.

It was a great event by Foodbeast and I look forward to attending next year’s festival.


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