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Melissa's Produce Family Baking Challenge

I was ecstatic when I learned I was one of the winners of the Family Baking Challenge held by Melissa’s Produce with their partners: KitchenAid, Bigger Bolder Baking, Challenge Butter, Bob’s Red Mill and Good Cook.

They held a 6-week challenge: Bake 2 of 6 recipes provided and post a photo or video of the finished dish on social media. The challenge was designed to be fun and easy to help you get into the spirit of the holidays.

Here are the 2 recipes that I made:

As you can imagine, I was so excited to be chosen as of the winners!

Here is what I won:

Melissa’s Produce: $500. Yes $500!!! And a beautiful exotic fruit basket which included: Star Fruit, Passion Fruit, Feijoa (pineapple guava), Sapote (flavor closely resembling a blend of bananas, peach, coconut and lemon), Tamarillo ( aka tree tomato), Baby Pineapple, Dragonfruit, Asian Pear, Red Banana, Kumquat and Pepino Melon. So many I didn't recognize!

For more information on these exotic fruits and other produce available:

They also have another website with recipes and other great tips: Real Food, Mostly Plants

KitchenAid -Their appliances and kitchenware are the best of the best. I received the classic 4.5 quart mixer! The mixers have over 10 attachments available on their website such as a pasta maker, spiralizer and food grinder which are great space savers so you don’t need different appliances

Bob’s Red Mill- The recognized brand in any store for providing healthy whole grain foods. I use their flours and rolled oats but haven’t tried the farro, bars or granola so excited to try these. And I can’t wait to make some new recipes with all these goodies!

Challenge Butter- Churned from the freshest, purest cream, Challenge Butter are the benchmarks for real, quality butters—making it the West’s best selling brand of butter. I love this butter and I guess I will be baking more with all these coupons!

Thank you again to Melissa’s Produce, KitchenAid, Bigger Bolder Baking, Challenge Butter, Bob’s Red Mill and Good Cook!


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