Honey Pig Korean BBQ

I love introducing friends to Korean food and one of the places I take them to for a difference experience is Honey Pig.

It’s a Korean BBQ place but the difference is it’s not all you can eat,  the staff cooks for you and my favorite part is the grilled sides dishes and kimchi fried rice.

The staff comes frequently to manage the grill, which is dome shaped. Meats grills in the center, with the vegetables and kimchi on the bottom so it gets infused with all the meat drippings.  We ordered the brisket and pork belly which was plenty for 3 of us share.  I usually don’t order too much meat because at the end, they make kimchi fried rice on the grill, with the leftover meats and side dishes.

The beer and grapefruit soju paired perfectly with our dinner. There are locations in LA, Irvine and Buena Park and they get really busy so I prefer to get there before 6pm for better service.

Honey Pig Irvine

14171 Jeffrey Rd,

Irvine, CA 92620

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