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Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon

If you enjoy a good Cabernet, you will love this wine. It’s produced by Chuck Wagner, owner and winemaker of Caymus Vineyards so you know it will be a quality product.

The Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon is his latest achievement - a blend of several California Cabernet grapes, which reflects the “bonanza” of the state of California. It’s delicious and a great value for the quality!

BRAND: Bonanza WINERY: Wagner Family  REGION: California  VARIETAL Cabernet Sauvignon  AVG COST $ 22


Medium ruby-red featuring flavors of blueberry, vanilla, currants and cassis with aromas of chocolate and subtle smoked meat. Silky tannins provide a smooth and long finish.


Steak, ribs, burgers, and lamb. Also pairs great with aged gouda, cheddar, blue or gorgonzola cheese. For summer bbqs, burgers with blue or gorgonzola cheese would be a a a perfect pairing.


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